Rules & Policies

Updated 08-23-15





Registration Fees: The “Member Registration Fee” is a processing fee that covers the costs of opening and maintaining your account for the year.  The student becomes member of Zenith and may benefit from price discounts for different activities organized by the gym during the year.  The Member Registration Fee is due upon registration and renewed each calendar year on the month of original registration.  The “Visitor Registration Fee” is limited to campers and private lesson students only, and is valid for up to a year.  The Visitor Registration Fee does not grant member status, nor member benefits.

Tuition: Tuition is based on a yearly calendar, divided by 12 months.  Monthly tuition remains the same for months with 5 weeks, as well as for months with 4 weeks or holiday closures.  At the time you register, you pay the registration fee and the first month’s tuition, prorated if signing up after the 1st of the month. Each month thereafter, tuition is due on the first.  A $10.00 fee is added to all accounts after the 7th if tuition has still not been received.  Unless prior arrangements are made with the office, if tuition is still not paid on the 15th, student(s) will not be allowed in the gym for practice, and may be dropped from the program if space is limited.  Tuition cannot be pro-rated due to holidays or yearly gym closings.  All payments must be made to the office, payable to Zenith Elite Gymnastics Academy (ZEGA).  Tuition rates maybe revised at any period of the year, and is communicated the month prior to adjustment period .

Refund: There are no refunds for the registration fee.  Tuition payments may not be refunded after the month practice has begun.

Returned Check: A $30.00 fee is charged on all returned checks.


Credit Card Automatic Withdraw Payments:

  • Non-competitive program students:  We highly recommend that you take advantage of our CC Automatic Withdraw System.  It costs nothing to sign up and will save you the trouble of having to remember to write monthly tuition checks. With your authorization, we will process your credit card account on the 1st of the month.  Additionally, if you are enrolled in a recreational class, there is a $5 discount each month as long as your credit card works on the 1st.  If there is a change in your credit card, please notify us and fill out a new CC Authorization form to avoid being charged late fees.
  • Competitive program students: CC Authorization is required.  Completed CC form must be submitted to office, and renewed with a valid card when expired.  Unless payment is remitted before the 1st of the month, tuition will be automatically withdrawn from the credit card account on file.


Discounts and Promotions: “Early Bird” discounts (such as CC Automatic Withdraw, or early payment, or 3 months payment) are valid for non-competitive programs only.  All advertised promotions apply to new customers only.

Referral Discount:  A major portion of our business is referred to us from current cliental, for which we are very grateful. In response to your referrals, we will apply a $10 credit to your next month’s tuition for each new member who signs-up in the recreational programs.  In order for Zenith Gymnastics to reward your referral, your name must be in the “Referred by” bottom space on the registration form.  Referral discounts are available to students in recreational programs only.


Missed Lessons / Make Up classes:

  • Non-competitive program students:  Please understand that a student’s place is reserved for the session or class they are registered for, and staff is paid for that time.  Therefore, missed lessons may not be deducted from payments due, nor will there be any refunds after the month has started.  However, should a student have to miss, we will allow one make up opportunity per month per class taken regularly during the week.  You must notify the office within two weeks of the absence that you want to make up.  Make up arrangements must be made through the office and the coach, and are subject to class availability.  There are two options that may be available:  1) to attend one of our monthly make up classes, provided the second Saturday of the following month.  The sign up sheet will be at the front desk the week prior to the make up Saturday;  or 2) to receive a pass to attend a one hour free during an Open Gym (pass available at the front office).  Exceptions apply for regular Saturday students.  There is no make up arrangements for classes missed due to holidays,  see days listed below.  Any closures due to hosted meets or extreme bad weather can be made up.
  • Competitive program students: Very low tolerance on missed lesson.  No make up classes are permitted.


Drop Procedure:  To permanently or temporarily discontinue class instruction and stop charges, you must complete and return the Drop Notice form to the front office.  You will be billed for the 30 days from the date our office staff receives your written notice or request.  Keep in mind that … If the 30 days notice payment is not used or partially used, AND if you decide to come back within 90 days after the last class, your account will be re-activated and a credit will be applied for the amount of the unused 30 days period.  Additionally, by giving the 30 days period your membership will remain active until expiration of the annual registration fee.  Notification must be received by the front office, not by the coach. It is not sufficient to verbally give your 30-day notice.  The Drop Notice is valid for 30 days only.


Program Closures:   Based on each calendar year some closure dates may vary.  These dates are communicated by email and posted on the gym information board.  As a reference, we follow this general schedule:

Memorial Day:  Last Monday in May.
Summer Break:  The week of July 4th
Labor Day:  First Monday in September.

Evening of the Halloween Day, Oct 31st, 6:30pm classes and later.
Thanksgiving:  Thursday to Saturday of Thanksgiving Week, Nov.
Christmas Break:  December 24th  through January 1st.

Due to season requisites, competitive teams may have regular or partial practices during these above closure dates, and is to be decided by the Program Director.


Bad Weather: If the McKinney schools close for bad weather on morning, Zenith Elite Gymnastics Academy will also be closed that morning.  Afternoon bad weather closing however is on a case by case basis. Please call or visit the gym website before coming to verify that the gym is closed during severe weather.


Private Lessons:  All private lessons dates and times are to be arranged with the individual coach.  The gym suggests indicative rates, however each coach has the choice to set their own price.  Private lesson fees should be paid to the coach directly.  Everyone participating in private lessons is required to pay the $20 visitor registration fee at the front office before beginning private lessons.  It is valid for one full year and renewed after one calendar year.


Class Attire: Girls should wear leotards.  Girls not in the pre-competitive or competitive team may wear gym shorts and a shirt if a leotard is not available, however we do recommend leotards as the most appropriate attire.  No tights or jewelry are allowed. Long hair should be completely pulled back and secured.  Boys must wear sport shorts and a T-shirt that can be tucked in securely.


Lost Items: Zenith Gymnastics cannot be responsible for any lost items.


Media Material:  Zenith Gymnastics or their representatives may record media materials during regular classes or special events inside or outside the facility.  By registering with any Zenith program, you hereby grant permission for Zenith Gymnastics or their representatives to record any or all of your child, or the named student participating in the program or special events for photos, videos, motion pictures, website, flyers and other media, and to use them in any matter to Zenith Gymnastics promotion or advertising purposes only.  Note that if you do not wish to grant permission, you have the option to waive it on the Registration form.


Conduct of Students:

  • Do not use any apparatus without your coach’s permission or qualified supervision.
  • Do not leave the class for any reason without the coach’s permission.
  • If you are injured or sick, tell the coach right away.
  • Do not bring food or drinks into the workout area.
  • Only competitive team members are allowed to use lockers. All other students may use the cubbies located in the lobby to store their items.
  • Do not go into the workout area of the gym until an instructor/coach has called you to class. After class, you must remain outside the workout area.

Parents/Guardian Responsibilities:

  • Student must be picked up inside the building, and promptly after class. Unless prior arrangement have been made with the front office, the staff is not responsible for unattended children before or after class times.  Neither Zenith nor the staff is responsible for competitive team students staying on the premises before, between or after practices.  If the child has yet to be picked up after 30mns of the gym closure and no successful contact was done with parents, the staff will alert the local police department so that an officer may give safe transport.
  • Please review the conduct and safety guidelines with your child and be sure they understand them.
  • Anyone not registered with Zenith for a scheduled activity is not allowed in the gym, unless permitted by the staff.
  • Do not make signs or comments to the girls or boys during practice. Any interruptions could result in serious injury.
  • If you have young children with you, please supervise them at all times. Do not allow them to enter the workout area. This could be extremely hazardous to them and to the gymnasts.
  • Do not allow your child to do any gymnastics tricks outside the gym (home, backyard, school, etc.).
  • For safety purpose, camera or video flashes are not permitted.
  • When entering the gym, please have your child put their belongings in a cubby. Competitive Team members should use their locker, all others members should use the cubbies in the lobby area.
  • Do not let your child bring food or drinks in the workout area of the gym at any time.
  • Please help your child/children respect the property of the gym, including restrooms, furniture, lobby and parking lot.


Team Rules & Policies  (ask the front office for a copy)