Boys Recreational Program

Our boys gymnastic program consists of educational training of floor, vault, parallel bars, and strength. In the near future, we will begin to offer all events. We also incorporate a warm up and cool down for stretching the muscles.
We want your child to enjoy his experience with us, and Zenith Elite Gymnastics starts every one of our gymnasts off on the ‘right’ foot with teaching your child correct form and technique all in a fun, educational environment.

Additional Information
With each of our programs, you will be able to see your child progress as he/she learns basic gymnastic skills including proper form and technique.

Every child is instructed within a safe environment with highly trained and educated coaches.


Boys (3 to 5 years old)

$75/month = 1 Class per week
$130/month = 2 Classes per week

Boys (6 years old & up)

$85/month = 1 Class per week
$140/month = 2 Classes per week